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Celebrating workplace wellbeing – our Celebration Event 2023

Organisations across County Durham recently joined us in celebrating wellbeing in the workplace with our Celebration Event which brought together organisations from across County Durham to celebrate their fantastic achievements prioritising workplace health with the Better Health at Work Award.

Those who attended the celebration event heard from Optimum Skills Limited, Hopewood School, Advance Learning Partnership Learning Partnership, Andy Airey from 3 Dads Walking, Amanda Healy - Director of Public Health, Jane Sunter - Public Health Strategic Manager, Michael Shannon - Public Health Strategic Manager and Carol Gaskarth - Chief Executive of the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP).

With the key message of health and wellbeing it was appropriate that a special guest speaker in Andy Airey from 3 Dads Walking, spoke at length to attendees about suicide awareness.

3 Dads Walking raise awareness about suicide throughout the UK due to their daughters taking their lives three years ago. Since then, they set out on a mission, doing walks and talks across the UK to raise money and awareness on suicide.

Karen Stubbings, Project Lead of Workplace Health at PCP, said: “We had a fantastic afternoon with some amazing speakers, it was great to hear from those who attended to celebrate wellbeing in the workplace.

“I encourage any organisation to join the award, we give them guidance and informative training opportunities to support staff with different topics such as cancer awareness, mental health, financial wellbeing, and more. Awarded organisations from the BHAWA have reported a rise in productivity amongst staff, proving it to be a worthwhile focus for organisations.”

We would like to thank all those who attended the event and for participating in the award, it was great to see so many faces and organisations who are continuing to make wellbeing in the workplace a priority, thank you!

To sign up for the award and start your journey to better health in the workplace contact

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