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June Shining Star: High Force Research

Founded in 1988, High Force Research is an independent chemical development company based in Bowburn. High Force Research are one of the newest businesses on the award, currently working towards the Bronze award, but have already made significant changes within the organisation to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees! Read more about what Jane Klotz, HR Manager at High Force Research, had to say below!

Why did you decide to sign up to the Better Health at Work Award (BHAWA)?

At High Force Research Ltd, I support a team of 54 people and as an HR professional, I firmly believe that if you look after the team, the team will look after your business! I completed the Bronze Award about 5 years ago when I was working in another business and saw the positive benefits of delivering the scheme. It demonstrates that as a business we care about our team and want to look after them. Our company values include ‘do the right thing’ and the BHAWA allows the employer to demonstrate that principle through activities, conversations and information that supports the well-being of their employees.

How do you find that the award benefits the organisation, and its employees?

BHAWA creates opportunities to engage the team in conversations and activities which promote dialogue and an openness around individual’s health and well-being, as well as educate and encourage better self-care. The team have responded positively and appreciate that as an employer we are concerned about them, providing information and support.

What kind of activities have you organised in line with the award so far?

On the whole, the team at HFR are a fairly active and healthy bunch, but there is always room for improvement! Activities we’ve organised so far are:

  • A group of keen footie players have flexible working on a Tuesday so that they can play five-a-side football every week by taking an extended lunch.

  • We entered a team into the GNR 5k Business Challenge in September 2023 – and came 2nd. And they are all running again this year – determined to win this time!

  • As part of the MacMillan Coffee Morning event, the Durham Cancer Awareness Team came onsite over lunch and chatted with the team about how to check themselves for testicular and breast changes.

  • We engage an occupational health practitioner to complete annual health screening, and as a result of this a couple of employees were encouraged to contact their GP for health conditions that they hadn’t been aware of, resulting in treatment and support towards improved health.

We've still got lots more to do before we can achieve the Bronze award but the effort is well-worthwhile. I would encourage any organisation or business to sign up for the award - BHAWA gives so much support and encouragement.

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