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Award Levels



This Level has been specifically designed as a manageable introduction to building staff health and wellbeing structures into the workplace. It has been tailored to ensure achievable goals within a realistic timeframe.



The Bronze level lays a firm foundation to build a healthier workplace. 


The Silver level of the Award builds upon the basics of the Bronze level and rewards organisations that take a more holistic view of the workplace.


This level builds upon the Silver level and requires companies to look outside their own organisation and promote health within the wider community.

Continuing Excellence

This recognises the importance of organisations sustaining the progress they have made during their participation in the Award and encourages them to use their experience to support others.

Maintaining Excellence

Achieved by employers who have been engaged with the Award for long enough to have achieved a pass at all levels via the completion of a criteria document, portfolio and full workplace assessment. 

Ambassador Status

ambassador heart.png

Organisations are eligible for Ambassador Status on achievement of Maintaining Excellence and with the recommendation of their designated Workplace Health Improvement Specialist. This is then passed through to the BHAWA Verification Panel for endorsement.

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