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Better Health at Work Award

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Better Health at Work Award County Durham

Join leading organisations in taking the first step to recognise the importance of prioritising health and wellbeing in the workplace by signing up today. 

Bringing to you a partnership project unique to the North East, the Better Health at Work Award (County Durham) is part of a wider award scheme in the region focusing on health and wellbeing in the workplace. 

Commissioned by Durham County Council, the partnership is led by 11 Local Authorities and the Northern TUC, with the County Durham locality managed and delivered by the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP)

The award is free and available to all businesses in County Durham, who will be supported by a dedicated workplace health team & have access to free workplace training, including understanding stress and basic mental health.  The award supports workplaces to deliver health activities that address key public health improvement priorities including;

• Financial Wellbeing
• Smoking and Tobacco
• Disease Prevention
• Weight Management and Healthy Eating
• Sexual Health
• Physical Activity
• Cancer Awareness
• Mental Health
• Dementia Awareness
• Alcohol, Drug and Harm Prevention

For those organisations who have not considered promoting health at work, taking part in this award will help you reap the rewards of encouraging a healthy workforce.

There are 7 levels to the Award;

  • Foundation

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Continuing Excellence

  • Maintaining

  • Ambassador

Organisations are given up to a year to complete each level, but there is flexibility for those who need it.  Organisations will build an Award Portfolio which will evidence the appropriate criteria.

Every organisation who signs-up to participate in the Award scheme is supported by a dedicated Workplace Health Co-ordinator who will guide Health Advocates through the Award Stages.

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